Review: “Will They Ever Leave? What It Takes To Nudge Millennials Out Of Nest”

Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013

Roll: 1,4. Result: Review, Article.

Okay, I’m going to bed real soon, but I just happened to have read this article so I will quickly review it. The article is here:

Will They Ever Leave? What It Takes To Nudge Millennials Out Of Nest

by Rachel Bloom

This is a good article with (besides the point) an interesting thread of comments at the end. I looked at it because it hits very close to home; I want to know what it takes to get me out of this (%#&$@*#) nest.

It flows well, and the wording and paragraph structure are well executed. I was a little confused when it started seeming like the article would be about foster children specifically, though that was not hinted at in the title or opening paragraphs. It did quickly get back to a study of average, non-foster kids.

It’s odd that the article is written about Millennials by a Millennial, but it brings a sense of urgency to the text. She’s saying (to me), “Don’t worry! If your friends move out, you will too! If you’re having trouble it’s because your parents don’t have enough faith in you to live on your own!” This is less a review and more of a plea to the gods.

The article boils down to this: kids move out after a long slow grind of preparation. Professor Mann-Feder asked 30 Canadian kids about their experiences moving out (or not) and it turns out that peer support has a lot to do with getting your own place. The writer of the article can affirm everything the study suggests.

So: weird foster children bit, but good, illuminating, well-written article. The end.


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