Freewriting with “E”

Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013

Roll: 3,5. Result: Freewrite, Letter

Everything Ernest ever heard seemed true. Though often evidence suggested otherwise, each fact that hit his ears seemed explicitly error-proof, and not erroneously elicited from the evil lips of his equals. Even if an egregiously egalitarian encephalopod offered enticingly to espouse only untruths, so that in turn he might not be extradited to his own extraterrestrial nation’s law enforcement, Ernest would embrace those untruths as fact, so emphatically erasing all faith in the elevated condition of his intellect.

Enter Emily. Emily enjoys embarrassing Ernest. Ernest’s embarrassment enthralls, enchants, even enraptures Emily. Emily ensures everyone (even Ernest) that he will endure his embarrassment, without exception, and that she’ll eke out an era of embitterment that exceeds the last, and eventually eclipses it.

Emily entrusts Ernest with an envelope, in which an epistle explains that the educated elite have explored empirically every emulsified emollient, ending up with an eventuality that exceeds expectations and is included with the missive. Upon elucidation, it becomes evident that the erudite engineers exploited the emulsion’s properties of effulgence, such that everyone will see Ernest enshrined in gold and ermine, should he only apply it expressly to his epidermis, and enwrap himself in no other equipment.

Ernest empties his immediate environment of his exploring trousers, escapade stockings, exploit sandals, enterprise underwear, and entertaining tank top. Expecting an effusion of excited taunting catcalls and the ensuing embarrassment, Emily is embroiled by Ernest’s exquisite exposed form. The emollient is expertly applied, everyone engrossed by the exhibition. Emily’s egress is expeditious. Ernest exudes, in his experience, the effulgence expected, and he is exuberant. An ecstatic Ernest exits, and going with him, an extremely enticed exodus.



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