My Day Summary: Tomorrow, Nov. 30, 2013

Friday, Nov 29, 2013

Roll: 2,2. Result: Day Description, Tomorrow Preview.

Tomorrow morning, I wake up at 10 am. I groggily snooze my alarm and return to a half-conscious appreciation of my warm bed for 10 minutes, then snooze my alarm again. For four or so minutes I rub my eyes and check facebook and instagram, read (delete) my emails, and respond to any texts, and then dismiss my alarm and get out of bed, chugging the glass of water I keep on my nightstand. I get dressed, because I shower at night now, then I go out to the kitchen to make a bagel sandwich and say hello to my family. I eat, watching whatever is on TV while I do, then brush my teeth, floss, and mentally prepare myself to go Christmas tree hunting while I wait for the others to be ready to go.

We get in the car, not really sure where we are headed, and we bicker and joke about tree-hunting years before and what we want to do today. Eventually we decide to go to a flower shop or someplace which has the trees already cut down. We show up, check out whatever makes the shop unique, and split up, scouring the imperfect trees with our implacable standards. After going through several false leads, we all compromise and pick the near-perfect one nobody wanted, sending my dad away to fetch the tree master. We throw it on the car, get in, and head home. It’s relatively quiet. My mom talks about going shopping later with her own mom.

We get home, and I help my dad carry the tree up to the deck, where we’ll let it settle. I then make my way inside, make some tea, and prepare to play PS4. I drink the tea, my mom leaves to go shopping, and I think my sister goes with her. My dad and I start playing video games, separately. 1:45 arrives, so I turn off the electronics and make sure I’m ready for work, where I then head off to.

I sing along in the cold Jeep to whatever song is least annoying, getting ready to tell my coworkers that I’m sad that it is the last day I’ll have my moustache. I get to work, say hi to everyone, shiver probably, and commence working. 8 hours fly by, and then I’m waiting by the door for coworker to finish counting the drawers. We exit out into the cold, make some weather-related remarks, and I mention that tomorrow it will be December (!). We bid farewell, and I sit in the Jeep, waiting for it to warm up a bit while I tremble and rub my hands together. Better songs are on the radio as I race home in high spirits.

I get inside, put on some more tea, turn on my computer, get into my pajamas, sit by the TV if it’s on, checking whether there will be a new SNL, watch whatever is currently on until the commercial break, then take my tea into my room to write my daily post here. If I finish long enough before 11:30, I’ll start to watch the most recently available episode of New Girl on Hulu. (Turns out there is not a new SNL) I then watch the most recent episode of Misfits as well, and decide that it is late enough to go to sleep. I brush my teeth, fill my glass of water for the following morning, set my alarm, and cozy into bed.


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